Playing Pokemon GO? “STOP” bringing your dog!

          I’d like to get to the point of this post right away – going out to play Pokemon GO is not a good time to take the dog on a walk! Aside from emergency situations, I generally don’t find it an acceptable practice to be using your phone for anything more than checking the time or snapping a quick photo while you’re out with your dog, and even then with discretion. With the rise of Pokemon GO as one of the biggest mobile apps of all time, I see more and more people rocking the unfortunate phone+dog combo outside. Today’s smartphones are normally pretty good at demanding our attention, but Pokemon GO takes it a few steps beyond scrolling through articles or responding to text messages – which is the point! It’s a game! It’s supposed to be attention grabbing. When you’re out on a walk with your dog, however, your attention should be with them. You know the world better than they do, and should be doing your part to keep them out of trouble.


Pictured left: An acceptable way to walk your dog. Pictured right: An acceptable way to play Pokemon GO.

Here’s a small list of things I have seen dogs doing at Pokemon GO meetups while their people are busy catching Pokemon:

  • Barking at other dogs/people

  • Jumping on other dogs/people

  • Trying to fight other dogs/people

  • Eating poop/discarded food/dead animal

  • Digging in gopher holes

  • Peeing where they shouldn’t pee

  • Pooping (notable because their person doesn’t notice, and then leaves it there)

  • Constantly straining and catching the end of the leash


Not a good way to walk your dog or play Pokemon GO.


All of which could be avoided by just leaving the dog at home! And if your dog hasn’t gone out and you’ve only got time for either taking them out or playing Pokemon, then walk your dog. While under your care, their actions and well-being are both your responsibility. Games can always wait.

Diego Gallegos, SCRUFmate and level 25 Pokemon GO Trainer

photo credit to JBE Photography:

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