SCRUF Loves Biothane Leashes

You’d like a bit more control of your dog off-leash.

He does pretty well, but once in a while…

Or your dog is terrible/terrifying off-leash.

But you feel bad restricting his life so much.

So, why not use a biothane leash?

It’s a long(er) leash. But not the kind that sits as a stinky wet knotted mess on the floor of your car.

It’s kind of rubbery. It cleans easily. It doesn’t stink or rot. It only gets tangled about 2% of the time compared to a normal nylon leash.

And it’s WAY safer than a flexi!

SCRUF uses them alllll the time!

A 20′ long leash is great for teaching better off-leash skills, and giving your dog a bit more freedom.

Having your dog drag a 6′ biothane leash is great for quick leash-ups and last-second control. Using a drag line is one of the safest ways to hike.

*And* you don’t have the carry the leash!

We also use 10′ biothane leashes for dogs who are too wild for a full 20′ but do well with some extra sniffing and grass-rolling privileges.

You can pick up one of these cool biothane leashes, custom colors and sizes, at

We recommend the 3’8″ width for any size dog.

Any color will do. πŸ™‚

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