SCRUF Loves Biothane Leashes

You’d like a bit more control of your dog off-leash.

He does pretty well, but once in a while…

Or your dog is terrible/terrifying off-leash.

But you feel bad restricting his life so much.

So, why not use a biothane leash?

It’s a long(er) leash. But not the kind that sits as a stinky wet knotted mess on the floor of your car.

It’s kind of rubbery. It cleans easily. It doesn’t stink or rot. It only gets tangled about 2% of the time compared to a normal nylon leash.

And it’s WAY safer than a flexi!

SCRUF uses them alllll the time!

A 20′ long leash is great for teaching better off-leash skills, and giving your dog a bit more freedom.

Having your dog drag a 6′ biothane leash is great for quick leash-ups and last-second control. Using a drag line is one of the safest ways to hike.

*And* you don’t have the carry the leash!

We also use 10′ biothane leashes for dogs who are too wild for a full 20′ but do well with some extra sniffing and grass-rolling privileges.

You can pick up one of these cool biothane leashes, custom colors and sizes, at

We recommend the 3’8″ width for any size dog.

Any color will do. 🙂

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