SCRUF loves fanny packs

Every time I step out the door to walk my dogs, I’ve got a lot to consider when it comes to gear. Is it hot enough to take off my windbreaker? Should I wear my regular hat or my sun hat? Do I need to put on a warmer jacket? Do I need to put on a rain jacket? Will normal shoes work, or do I need my hiking boots on? Heavy work pants, or shorts for jogging? Amidst the winds that whip and howl through this garden of decision there is one constant, one tree with its roots plunged so deep in the soil of “walking dogs” that, were I ever to go out without it, I’d feel its absence like I would a missing sock, or perhaps a tooth. Ever since I started wearing it, I’ve had it on every single one of my walks. It helps me to stay organized, frees up my hands, and makes it easier to pay more attention to my dogs while we’re out.

Any guesses yet? (it IS in the title of the post šŸ˜‰ )

That’s right. I am, of course, talking about…

My fanny pack! This particular one was gifted to me by a friend, and once I snapped it on I never looked back.

Not walking with a fanny pack yet? Let me talk it up a bit! Mine has:

  • A round pocket on either side: Perfect for water bottles, suncscreen, and yummy treats.
  • A small zipper pocket right along the band: In here I keep small necessities like extra tags or rubber bands.
  • A zip up mesh pouch in the front: Safe and secure! A nice spot for keys and poo bags (two rolls – nobody likes getting snuck up on by an empty roll in the middle of a walk!)
  • A large, zippered pouch behind the mesh pouch: A foster home for bagged up poos. It’s spacious and, when zipped up, doesn’t let the smell out. Perfect for transporting poos to their forever home in the trash, and approximately four thousand six hundred and ninety three times better than carrying the bag by hand.

With all this, I am able to not only keep my hands free of poo bags, but also to make sure that everything else I need is in one convenient spot.
If you find one you like, I wouldn’t hesitate to snap it up and snap it ON – you just might love it.

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