A Notable Blip on the Journey


This picture marks a very special time in SCRUF history.

Kelly is our first candidate. We’re saying adulty stuff like “I need to run payroll.” We’re learning how to integrate a 4th person into our business (i.e. group marriage) after being 3 for so long. Kelly is the person I spend the most time with in a week at this point.

I got a 2nd dog, Beedee. He’s really a dream come true and a very special adoption. He is the product of years of doing great dog work in the East Bay, and connecting with other amazing dog people, who I can’t appreciate enough. He came with some rear-end awareness, what more could I hope for?

This living room is in a major transition. The Feed This Inc. boxes in the background, because yeah there’s a lot of raw meat in this house, and because soon everything will be cleared out to make room for a beautiful future. Lots of hard work, support, strength and resolve from all corners of my life went into this transition. The level to which I have felt loved and supported over the past couple months is immeasurable. It has only (re-re-re-)confirmed my desire to Be in Oakland. Everyone’s kind gestures, checking in, listening to my venting, helping me strategize options and understand what is even happening, and telling me to stay… I am in awe of my own life and the people in it and I appreciate all of you very, very much.

Also we voted to invest in group snacks and markers for our meetings, pictured. Thanks Kelly for coming through.

– Esra

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