Stray Poo Pickup, and the Christening of the First SCRUF Stray Poo Eradication Station!

One of the seven principles of being a cooperative is “concern for community.” And because SCRUF is your awesome local pet care co-op, we uphold this principle by throwing events in which we give back to the places we work and live in. Our goal is to have four community involvement events per year!! And we welcome and encourage all of you to join in!

Mostly this involves going to East Bay parks and planting redwood trees, cutting down non-native vegetation, and picking up poop. So far, we’ve been to Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve three times to do work, and not everyone got poison oak. Rangers taught us how to protect baby redwoods by ensconcing them in wire fences. We identified and removed teasel, one of us with a machete. We ate lots of snacks! If you decide to attend one of our events, you will get a lot of snacks. Besides the snacks, it feels really good to be outside for a few hours with a bunch of other pet lovers.

Dogs take a toll on the parks and neighborhoods in different ways, and one of these ways is pooping. Sometimes people don’t pick up their dog’s poop, so SCRUF has a stray poo pick-up policy: we bag up little stray turds that cross our path and deposit them in their forever home — the trash can.

We are bringing this policy to an even wider audience on Sunday, August 4, 2019 by installing a poop bag and trash station in a Richmond, CA neighborhood. Please join us for ribbon cutting, poo pickup, and of course snacks.

Event link here:

Think of it like a treasure hunt! We promise that we’ll bring hand sanitizer.

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