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SCRUF’s logo, inspired by a morning ritual at a SCRUF member’s house.

We formed SCRUF in June of 2016, after a long year of planning, hard work, and many meetings. All three members of SCRUF were coworkers at a dog daycare in Oakland, and through that experience we recognized a need in the pet care industry for sustainable jobs for pet care providers. A worker-owned cooperative is one way to address this need. We attended the Worker Coop Academy in the Fall of 2015, where we learned how to build our business. For more about the Academy see here!




Being a co-op, all members have a direct stake in the success of the business! One member equals one vote in our cooperative, with no higher-ups or investors receiving the majority of our profit. This means we all do our best to provide high quality care and service. For more information about co-ops see here.

SCRUF’s mission is to provide excellent pet care by creating a supportive and accessible educational environment for SCRUF members. SCRUF’s vision is to raise local pet care standards, provide sustainable and enjoyable jobs, and take practical steps toward economic equity. Being a group, we share our experience and expertise. We each specialize in different areas of pet care, and can serve a wide variety of different animals’ needs. Please see our bios for more information about each member.

And of course we all love pets! We have 13+ years of professional pet care experience combined, and welcome a variety of animals under our umbrella. We would love to walk your dog, visit your cat, and feed your chickens. We serve many areas of Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, El Cerrito,  Richmond and Albany.

SCRUF is trained in pet First Aid and CPR through Pet Tech and is fully licensed, and insured through Pet Sitter’s Associates LLC. psa_web_logopettech-logo





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