Responsible Urban Friends Bios


Diego has been working with dogs professionally since 2013, after growing up with two Basenjis at home. He started out watching over large numbers of dogs in a playgroup setting, then did training for a while, and finally moved on to group and solo walks. He likes figuring out why dogs act the way that they do in various situations, and is often impressed at how weird they can be.




Corbin has been working with pets since 2012, and lives with two small rascally pups of their own. They especially enjoy working with little dogs and silly doodles, helping them live out their wildest big-dog dreams. Fun fact: Corbin’s first dog was named Obediah Dumpling.





20180906_080929Esra is a dog walker, dog trainer, and dog walker trainer. Working with dogs professionally since 2010, Esra has a strong background in playgroups and obedience training, and primarly runs hiking groups for more difficult dogs, reinforcing the training that they’re getting at home.