Who is going to walk my dog/visit my cat?

At SCRUF, it’s important to us to provide consistent care so we can notice little changes that have big implications. Your pet will be cared for by your primary service provider, and you’ll have one primary point of contact with the collective.

When do I pay you for services?
Any Client who uses less than one service per week is expected to pay per service at time of services rendered.

For new clients with at least one service per week, payment is expected at the end of each week.

After the first month, SCRUF, LLC. will send an invoice vie email at the end of each month, detailing services provided and any outstanding balance. The invoice will also detail payment options. Full payment of invoice is expected within 5 business days of delivery of invoice, or a 10% late fee will be added.

Can you automatically run my credit card with each invoice?

Yes! Clients may opt to keep a credit card on file with SCRUF, and payment will be processed automatically with a 3% service fee.

I pay my SCRUF invoice late a lot, I’m sorry.

No problem! If a client pays their invoice late three times within a calendar year, we require you to to keep a credit card on file with SCRUF for automatic processing each month.

I paid via check, but it bounced. I’m sorry.

No problem! We do have an additional $35 fee for returned checks.

I overpaid my invoice. Happy birthday!

Thank you so much! SCRUF does not maintain credits for future services. Any overpayment for services will be considered a tip for the SCRUF service provider.

I love SCRUF so much, I want to tip my service provider. How do I do that?

Thank you so much! We love you, too. Tips are best given in cash/gift gards/gifts.

I need to cancel a service, how do I do that?

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel a service. Cancellations with less than 48-hour notice may be charged at the full rate. To cancel a service, communicate with your service provider directly.

Does SCRUF ever take vacations? How does that affect my services?

If your SCRUF service provider is planning to take time off, we will let you know at least one month in advance. If requested, we can try to arrange coverage for services with another SCRUF member, and if that is not possible we can try to find coverage outside SCRUF. Due to geography, scheduling, etc., we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to refer you to an available service provider.

What if my pet gets sick or injured?

In the event of an emergency, we will contact you at the numbers provided to confirm your choice of action. If you can’t be reached and if deemed necessary, SCRUF is authorized (via our service agreement) to seek medical care for your pet with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expenses.

First we’ll try to seek medical care from your named veterinarian. We may go to an appropriate alternate determined by SCRUF in the event that the named veterinarian is unavailable or that closer care is required. According to our service agreement, clients shall reimburse SCRUF for any charges incurred up to a limit of $500 (unless otherwise specified).

What are your expectations around communication?

In order to provide safe and appropriate services, SCRUF and Client will have an in-depth check-in via phone after 1 and 6 months of ongoing services. This check-in is to discuss how the services are going, and if it is still a good fit.

SCRUF also requires ongoing communication about any changes relevant to SCRUF services. Client agrees to inform SCRUF service provider of:

  • changes in pet’s health
  • new medications
  • unusual incidents or events involving your pet
    • any changes in pet’s behavior

Will you train my dog?

SCRUF will gladly provide information about services provided, including our techniques used and observations made. SCRUF does not provide training advice for what Client should do with their pet to modify the pet’s behavior, but we’re happy to refer you to trusted professionals.

What are you recommendations for planning ahead in case of an emergency?

  • Leave a credit card on file with veterinarian with a specific charge limit.
  • Call your veterinarian and let them know you allow your SCRUF service provider to seek veterinary services for your pet.
  • Always keep your preferred vet info up-to-date with your SCRUF service provider.

Your Instagram and Facebook pages are so cute! What are you policies around using images of my pet and home in your marketing?

You may OPT OUT of photographs of your pet(s) being used in SCRUF marketing. You may also OPT OUT of photographs taken on your property being used in SCRUF marketing. Just let your primary service provider know.

Otherwise, we may take photographs of your pet(s), and use them on social networking sites and in other marketing. SCRUF retains full ownership of these photographs. We may take photographs inside your home or on your property, and we will make every effort so that the photos do not identify the client’s home’s location or other security concerns such as layout of home.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

We require that your pet is vaccinated against rabies (or titer tested), and licensed in your city.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have business liability insurance, which also covers your pet’s veterinary care if an illness or injury happens under our care. We ask that we both (client and SCRUF) do our best to communicate during any event of sickness or injury. Our service agreement contains more information regarding responsibility and legal claims.

What should I do if my dog gets skunked?

If your dog gets skunked, please let your walker know ASAP so we can make alternate arrangements. We have a policy of not letting skunked dogs interact with other client dogs or our vehicles, because it can spread through touch.

Do you still walk my dog if it’s raining?

Yes! Most dogs don’t mind the rain, and neither do we.

Do you offer nail trimming services? 

Yes! Contact your SCRUF member to learn more.

I want to reinforce at home what you’re doing on the hikes! ❤ What commands do you use?

Thank you we love you! Below is a list of commands we use with your dog on our social outings. We always teach the command to your dog anew, just in case they don’t have a clear understanding of it, or they aren’t well-practiced in listening to it in a high distraction environment.

Come – recall and stay near me
Sit – butt on ground until released
Down – lay down with elbows touching ground until released (may include roll hips)
Wait – for dogs who are ahead = don’t move further down the trail; for dogs who are behind = you can catch up with me but not pass me
Leave it – move away from something currently engaged with, or do not go 1” toward something want to engage with
Look – look into eyes (we don’t use with all dogs)
C’mon – follow my general direction, stay more on the trail
Let’s go – walk along with me
Take a Break – free to be free, a release word
Yes – success! Includes release, and most often used as a reward marker
Good – continue doing what you’re doing, not a release word, can be a reward marker
No – make a better choice, often marks a correction especially a strong correction for something the dog should never ever do or already definitely knows to not do
Ah ah – softer version of “no”, often marks a correction
Dog’s name – make best choice based on the context, my body language, and tone; can mean: recall, eye contact, stay on trail, no, ah ah, release from car
I have more questions that aren’t answered here!

No problem! Please e-mail them to us at friends@scruf.coop