Stray Poo Tally


Mabel and Pepa on stray poo patrol in Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, California.

SCRUF helps keep our neighborhoods and parks clean and enjoyable for everyone by helping stray poos find their forever homes – in the trash can!

Total stray poos rescued since June 2016:


Tilden Regional Park: 201
Sibley Volcanic Preserve: 234
Redwood Regional Park: 63
Berkeley Aquatic Park: 33
Mountain View Cemetery: 2
Cesar Chavez Park: 60
Grove Shafter Dog Park: 39
Point Isabel Regional Shoreline: 20
Albany Bulb: 300
Wildcat Canyon: 4
Leona Canyon: 23
Chabot Regional Park: 2
North Berkeley: 10
South Berkeley: 10
Elmwood: 39
San Leandro: 114
Rockridge: 4
Emeryville: 20
Dimond District: 64
Montclair: 1
West Oakland: 10